There are few things that I count as sacred and feel territorial about. My soul mate, my girls, friendships that endure hard things. In fact, they’re so sacred that often thinking about them and all the possibilities cause me to become scared. Sacred/Scared. At least in my head it makes sense why they’re so close together-they are intertwined in many ways. Something that is valuable to me, that I depend on and would be lost without is something that most definitely scares me, how could it not?

When I am able to sit in solitude and soak in the quiet I can hear so much more than what I take in on any average day. It’s as if my truth cannot come out with all the noise and distractions. I am required to slow down, think, reflect and take in life before Truth comes to me. It is patient, knowing timing is everything, and waits until I can take in what next phase I need to embark on. Right now I just need to be transparent, open, freed. Having adult conversations that are sacred. They scare me but I know will transform me…Us. The fact is, that it is rare when I am so clear on my next step or direction I want to go in. My normal is to vacillate between what another wants and just weigh in on my perspective. Or to cower and hide from expressing what I really want afraid of what my revelation to another may mean about myself or how they might internally judge me moving forward. Right now, oddly, thankfully, none of that matters. Perhaps it feels so freeing to finally be able to say, “that is what I want…this is what I need”, I don’t know, purely a speculation but it has been so freeing to finally pinpoint where I stand and then share that part of myself with another. Like regardless of their response I cared enough to honor their divine light inside of them and share. What they do with it is on them, period.

Over the years I have grown accustomed to hiding in my own skin, trying to be normal, average, like what I assume everyone else is. I am officially taking off that mask. I am not normal. I could not be average if I tried. My state of mind and presence is fluid, changing as I evolve, as I heal, as I get ‘better’ some would say. Although I have to admit I am not sure what ‘better’ really means or looks like, I will say my evolving has to be real and transparent. I do not intend or desire to hurt anyone, but I have to finally honor who I am; who I really am, at the core of my being. My husband is sacred to me and I am most scared for him. I do not know if he will accept the table I set. The woman I know I am. My evolving that has me at this place. I have always felt that he wants me to be perfect, to fit a mold and for years I feel I tried to do this but it is exhausting, draining, and completely unfulfilling to be so untrue to myself. I am seeing this now, even though all those years I never even realized I was donning this mask-it was always there. There have been glimpses where I pulled it to the side, perhaps tried out taking it off. But never completely, ongoing, ME.

Hello….I am finally here.

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