It’s been so long

So much has happened. It’s hard to know where to start. Friendships have ended while others proved their worth. Relations in general feel harder, more strained given all the new stressors everyone is impacted by.

I take nothing for granted. Life is truly a gift. 500,000 dead in less than a year has taught us all that. And still some are arguing about things that in the grand scheme are not important. Some fight passionately and are never heard while others weaponized their faked tears and have been wholeheartedly attended to. The latter disgusts me.

There is no logic yet we are all rational beings-trying to survive. Thriving is now considered a luxury we don’t have the right to opt into. How things have changed so drastically and cracks have widened causing beyond glaring disparities. And they have the audacity to ask: How are you?


You don’t want to know.

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